23. January 2019

„The look of relief on her face was great to see.“

Swimmer saves colleague with Restube in North East England We love water and we love people that enjoy their water sport all year round. Ray Kelly from North East England is one of them. He told us about his recent experience in water: „I was swimming in the North Sea, off the coast of North East England, when another swimmer got into trouble.  Two colleagues and I swam to her, where I popped my Restube […]
22. January 2019

Pascal Rösler from “Pure Water for Generations”

The former management consultant Pascal Rösler has spent a large part of his life on the water. Today he runs a small marketing agency in Munich. In addition, he dedicates a large part of his working time free of charge to his non-profit association “Pure Water for Generations e.V.”, which is dedicated to the goal of drinking water quality on the Danube in 2042. Starting from February Pascal with its Docu is the soul of […]
14. December 2018

6 tips for more safety in stand-up paddling

Stand-Up Paddling is freedom. When you glide quietly over the water, you don’t think about safety first, but even the best paddler can fall off the SUP board. A breeze drives the board away and suddenly you swim in the middle of a cold lake or sea. With our 6 tips for more safety during stand-up paddling you are well prepared for your next SUP tour. Tip 1: Check the weather Inform yourself in advance […]
25. September 2018

“The lido Rheinstrandbad Rappenwört relies on the Restube-buoy”

The wave pool at lido Rheinstrandbad Rappenwört has a great attraction for swimmers of all ages, but the waves are sometimes somewhat underestimated. That is the reason why the lifeguards are on duty every year to ensure the safety of their visitors. The Karlsruhe start-up RESTUBE has developed a small, versatile safety buoy to support lifeguards in their work in dangerous situations. The Rheinstrandbad Rappenwört is one of the largest and most scenic open-air swimming […]
5. September 2018

Open Water Champion Nathalie Pohl joins RESTUBE

With a high growth invest Restube brings Nathalie Pohl, daughter of DVAG-CEO Andreas Pohl, as strategic partner with strong connection to water on board.  It’s official: Nathalie Pohl joins Restube with an invest of 25 percent. The young student with love for water grasps the opportunity to lift RESTUBE with capital, know-how, network and personal motivation on the next level. For Nathalie, one of the best open water swimmers of Germany, Restube is a partner […]
23. August 2018

Lifeguard saves father and son in his spare time with Restube

More and more lifeguards have Restube and use it in their spare time. That this makes totally sense shows the latest story. Lifeguard Roland Dongmann from Neuss: “I was on the Stand-Up Paddle with my two boys when I suddenly noticed “screams for help”. I scanned the lake and saw that a small child with only one inflated swimming wing tried to hold on to his father’s neck, which obviously caused panic. The father now […]