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Our story

THE STORY is simple. A couple of years ago a member of our team experienced a critical situation in the water. Since then we want water sport to be safer for our friends and us. As students of mechanical engineering we developed the first prototypes of this safety product for any water activities. RESTUBE was born.

our story

Loic Branda

Olympic swimmer, France

"For me, open water swimming means freedom and swimming without lanes. If I swim with RESTUBE, I feel safe, I feel free to swim further and longer but always with the same pleasure of liberty."

Sebastian Steudtner

Big wave surfer, world record

"Restube is the "peace of mind" for everybody: For my mother it is the RESTUBE with which she swims across the lake again. For me it is a special RESTUBE version with which I go out in very big waves. RESTUBE can safe your life or the life of your friend!"

Mattias Petersson

Red Bull, Sweden

“As the organizer of Red Bull Battle of the Sund in Sweden we choose RESTUBE because it is a way for us to secure that each participant have his/her personal safety device out on the water. Security is the most important thing when organizing this kind of events and the RESTUBE device is a great tool for us.”

Reto Abächerli

Suisse Life Saving Association SLRG

„The final product convinces and therefore the SLRG accepts RESTUBE LIFEGUARD as official life saving tool.“

A small bag with a huge impact

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