Read great stories and interesting news about more freedom and safety around water. From our team riders or people all around the world, to whom awareness out there also matters.

Freedome and safety in open water swimming

We have compiled some important tips for open water swimming and show you in detail how Restube effectively and discreetly brings you safety in the open water.

Restube tests and reviews

We would like to introduce you to Restube reviews from various water (sport) activities. Restube tests can help you understand how Restube works and how easy it is to handle. In addition, the reviews should assist you in the selection of your personal Restube product.

Restube swim tested for open water swimming

Markus tested Restube swim at the Triathlon Camp in Dubai earlier this year and told us what he thinks about Restube.

Restube brings security at water sports events

Safety has top priority at water sports events. Therefore, organizers worldwide take advantage of Restube and integrate the small yellow buoy to their security concept.


Sansibar, the famous restaurant on Sylt, has recently added Restube classic to the assortment in its own shop. Get all the details here.

7 meaningful gift ideas for Christmas 2019

Giving and receiving gifts at Christmas is a beautiful tradition. Many are faced with the difficult question: What is a really meaningful Christmas present? We already did the work for you and show you here gift ideas for Christmas with real added value.

Restube - the perfect gift

Your parents, children, relatives or friends like to spend their time on or in the water? Then Restube is the perfect gift to make your loved one happy! Because Restube is a product for more freedom and safety in and around the water.

Restube swim test on

Lena is an avid triathlete and art director at Time2Tri. For the triathlon training platform, she also writes articles on the topic of triathlon. Recently, Lena tested Restube and wrote a review with the safety buoy.

Flying with Restube

Are you planning a trip by plane and would like to bring your Restube with you? No problem! Restube may be carried on the plane. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Open water swimming in the spotlight - Part 2

Get to know Nathalie Pohl - one of the best German open water swimmers and learn about three extraordinary open water events.

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