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7 meaningful gift ideas for Christmas 2019

Giving and receiving gifts at Christmas is a beautiful tradition. The family, relatives and friends should be pleased with a meaningful Christmas present. But it’s often not that easy.

Less than two months until Christmas and many are faced with the difficult question: What is a really meaningful Christmas present?

Sure, you can plunge into the shopping hustle and look for an inspiration. Or you check out our list of meaningful Christmas presents. We already did the work for you and show you here gift ideas for Christmas with real added value.

Have you ever thought about water safety as the perfect christmas gift?

Your loved ones like to spend their time on or in the water? Then Christmas is the perfect opportunity to give away Restube, a security product for the water! Restube is packed up in a small bag, barely larger than a smartphone and weights only about 200 grams. The inflatable backup does not bother while swimming or when doing other water sports activities. In a critical situation, Restube inflates to a buoy in seconds with a pull on the trigger and thus gives time to orientate oneself in the water, to rest, to help others or to attract attention thanks to the signal colour.

Restube is a meaningful Christmas present for everyone – no matter if swimmer, kite surfer, SUP paddler, surfer, snorkeler or boat driver. All those who like to spend time on or in the water will enjoy more safety and freedom through the small buoy.

Read here in detail why Restube is the perfect Christmas gift!

A meaningful Christmas gift not only for gourmets: an organic farm box

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be part of a healthy, balanced diet. Best are products in organic quality grown in your region, because that saves on transport costs and is ecologically sensible.

By ordering an organic box the recipient gets fresh vegetables and fruits from the surrounding area delivered directly to the front door. There are now hundreds of different providers of farm boxes only in Germany and many more across Europe (and we are pretty sure in the rest of the world, too). Many of them offer the opportunity to give away a sample box first. An overview of organic farm box deliveries in Germany can be found here: ö

An organic farm box is not only a meaningful but also a tasty gift!

Person mit einer großen Kiste gefüllt mit Gemüse als Geschenk

Giving reading pleasure with an e-book reader

With books you can make almost everyone happy! Well, there are those who really never read books. But then you should at least try to convince them of the benefits of reading! Our gift tip for Christmas: give away an e-book reader!

E-book readers are not that cheap to buy, however, electronic books usually cost less than printed books and there are also many digital books for free. In addition, you can buy books from home or on the road, and you do not have to go to a bookstore or wait for delivery from the online retailer.

E-book vor einem Stapel an Büchern

Did you know e-book readers are also ideal for learning a foreign language? Dictionaries can be saved and linked to books. So a word which is not familiar can easily be looked up while reading.

Eco-friendly travelling

New experiences, relaxation or adventure – hardly any other gift can convey as much joy as travelling. Unfortunately, travelling itself is not necessarily eco-friendly, but with the right choice of accommodation, the ecological footprint can be kept small. For example, Green Pearls® lists handpicked and unique places worldwide that stand for sustainable tourism. Wellness and family hotels, accommodation for active travel or city trips – all offers meet high standards of environmental protection and stand for social justice.

Tip: It’s best to give away a train ticket for the trip as well, because travel by train is definitely the most climate-friendly way to travel.

Man sitzt auf einem steg

Sports club membership

“Exercise more!” – one of the most popular resolutions for the new year. To give your loved one a little push in the right direction at Christmas time, give him or her a sports club membership. Nowadays, there are multi-studio memberships that can be used for training in different studios. For example, at Urban Sports Club in Europe, members have access to over 50 sport activities in more than 6,000 partner locations in Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain where they can put together their individual training plan. The terms and conditions for membership are also flexible.

To be very honest, with so much choice there’s no excuse anymore!

Zwei Sportler lächelnd nach dem Sport in Traingsraum

A backpack made of 100% ocean plastic

Backpacks: They are extremely practical and also much more comfortable than shoulder bags. So everyone should own a backpack. Is this practical companion still missing in your friend’s wardrobe? Then a backpack is an absolutely meaningful Christmas gift. Take a look at Got Bag. According to its creators, the Got Bag is the first backpack made entirely of recycled ocean plastic. Together with the Spanish recycling initiative Seaqual, the plastic waste is collected in the oceans. The plastic is then sorted, shredded and converted into a nylon yarn used to make the backpack.

By the way, the Got Bag not only stands out for its ‘green’ production. The backpack with 23 litres of storage space is also waterproof and has an extra laptop compartment.

Produktbild der GotBag als Geschenk

One thing that money can’t buy: time

Haven’t we got enough material things already? So why not give away the most valuable thing that is available to us: time? With a gift of time you not only save money and resources, you give away something absolutely unique. There are many ways to give away your precious time. Just think of a creative way to wrap it up. Some ideas: “kisses instead of flowers”, “reading aloud instead of alone” or “cooking together instead of a cooking book”.

Your time: a meaningful and very special gift for everyone!

Zeit als Weihnachtsgeschenk dargestellt als Wecker

The entire RESTUBE team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Your RESTUBE team

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