Freedom and safety in open water swimming

Enjoy open water swimming with the right preparation

Swimming in the open water means freedom. Whether challenging in the open water training and competition or simply to slide through the water to relax with the feeling of weightlessness, all that matters is the moment.

However open water swimming also poses dangers. No pool edge for holding in the vicinity, no ground markings for orientation, no pleasant tempered water, waves and currents are just a few differences to swimming in the pool. Good preparation and the right safety equipment will help you contain potential risks and have a good and safe time in the water. In the following we have compiled some important tips for open water swimming and show you in detail how Restube effectively and discreetly brings you safety in the open water.

Safety tips for your open water swimming experience

1. What are your limits?
Only go into waters if you can swim safely and feel good. Never with a full or empty stomach. And do not overestimate your fitness. It is best to train the planned distance in advance in the pool until you master it without any effort.

2. Do you know the water well enough?
Inform yourself about peculiarities such as danger spots, currents, shipping, nature reserves or prohibitions. The more you know about the water the better you can assess whether it fits your abilities and is suitable for you.

3. Do not swim alone
Do not go into the water alone and tell friends about your plans. So you are additionally secured and avoid a possible false alarm.

4. How can you orient yourself?
Trees, towers, flags or similar landmarks can help you navigate in the water.

5. The weather forecast on site
Inform yourself about weather, waves, currents and wind forecasts. In thunderstorms and strong currents, staying in the water is very dangerous. Take special care when swimming in the sea: the tides can cause unpredictable currents.

6. Are you already mastering the technique perfectly?
With the right technique in the water you will not only be faster and more enduring you also protect your body by avoiding wrong movements. Swimming lessons are available for beginners as well as advanced students, for example at the DLRG. Detailed information about the offer in your region is provided by the local groups of DLRG.

Some of the largest local groups in Germany can be found right here:


You can also find technique trainings on youtube.

7. How cold is the water?
The colder the water the better you should warm up in advance. Special care should be taken on hot days when the temperature difference between air and water is high. Then you should go very slowly into the water and give the body time to get used to the water temperature. For very cold water, wear a neoprene suit and possibly neoprene gloves, boots, hood.

8. An inflatable buoyancy gives you more security
With a Restube on your hips, you always have extra buoyancy.

9. Does anyone else need help?
Assist others with the help of a buoyant body and do not put yourself in danger! Because even a child can develop enormous forces in panic.

Restube swim – for more freedome and safety in the water

In order to get into the water with a good feeling, we have developed Restube – a small bag with a buoyancy buoy for more freedom and safety for all activities on and in the water. Attached to a belt around your hips you will hardly feel the Restube and can enjoy the time in the water to the fullest. Restube is your “Peace of Mind”!

With Restube active there is an innovative and ultra-light version for all swimmers. Restube active combines extremely lightweight materials and functional design in a unique way – making it the lightest and smallest Restube in the product portfolio.

The innovative buoy material and the special bag design make the Restube swim extremely small and light. With a weight of only 210 g and a size of 12 x 6 x 4 cm it is the smallest and lightest Restube. Restube swim can be attached around the waist in two directions and is weightless in the water. Fastened to the waist belt, the folded-up life buoy inflates itself within seconds after pulling the trigger. If you lean over the buoy the buoyancy will be enough to keep your airways afloat. So you have time to orient yourself in the water and recharge your batteries – or just take a break in the middle of the lake.

You can also use the buoy to signal for help or pass it on to others. Used as a buoy you can drag Restube effortlessly behind you and you can dive through waves easily, too. Provided with a new CO2 cartridge Restube will be ready to go again in just a few minutes. By the way you can also inflate Restube with your mouth at any time.

Nathalie Pohl, one of the best open water swimmers in Germany, about Restube: “It has long been time to bring the idea of more freedom and safety in the water. I’ve never seen such a small, robust tool which gives me such a good feeling while swimming.”

Nathalie Pohl, one of the best open water swimmers in Germany, about Restube: “It has long been time to bring the idea of more freedom and safety in the water. I’ve never seen such a small, robust tool which gives me such a good feeling while swimming.”

In 2019 Restube is safety partner at more than 70 water sports events in Germany and around the world, enabling tens of thousands of participants and the organizers to enjoy safer sport events – such as the See-Q Lake Zurich crossing in August. Depending on the event, Restube is stowed away in the small bag, or used already inflated.


We wish you a good and safe time in the water!


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