unique gift idea for the sommer 2019

Gift ideas for the summer of 2019

Good weather makes you happy – it’s not surprising that summer is the most popular season for most people. Young and old are drawn out into nature, many seek cooling down in lakes, rivers and the sea. Summertime is swimming time! And there are wonderful opportunities for different gift ideas for the summer.

We have put together a fine selection of useful, funny and unusual gifts that will make the time on and in the water even better.

Are you looking for a gift for your best friend? A present for your mum or another family member? Be inspired by our gift ideas for the summer and sweeten time on the water for your loved ones.

summer gifts and presents for athletes 2019

Have you ever thought about giving away security?

The time at the water in the summer months means pure relaxation for many. Going for a swim in the lake, paddling a SUP down the river or going on an adventurous boat tour with friends is clearing the mind and recharging the body with new energy.

And it’s a perfect opportunity to give away security for these activities.

After all, while having a relaxed time on the water, few people think about the possible dangers and risks. Safety in the water is a very important issue. A spasm in the leg, a strong current, or a friend who no longer has enough strength to swim to the shore – there are many unsightly situations in the water that can surprise and quickly become life-threatening.

At RESTUBE, we have made it our goal to increase safety in the water. And so our first gift idea in the summer is: give away security and thus a really relaxed time in the water!

The Restube buoy – the perfect safety gift

Restube means safety in the water. The yellow buoy packed up is so small and light that you will not notice it while swimming or doing other activities in the water.

A pull on the trigger inflates the 70 cm long Restube buoy in seconds. Leaning over the buoy, the buoyancy is sufficient to keep the head above water and thus the airways free. This gives you time to orient yourself in the water and recharge your batteries.

Or just take a break in the middle of the lake. In addition, you can attract attention with the buoy or pass it on to others. Used as a swimming buoy, Restube can easily be dragged behind and diving through waves succeeds easily, too. Provided with a new CO2 cartridge, Restube will quickly be ready to be used again.

Incidentally, Restube can also be inflated with your mouth at any time.

restube as gift on the beach

Restube is a security product for the whole family! The perfect gift for your mom or dad and also a gift for children, because Restube is also suitable for the little ones (recommended for children over the age of 10 years).

Anyone who likes spending time at or in the water enjoys more safety and freedom through the small buoy. For water sports enthusiasts such as kite surfers, SUP paddlers, surfers, snorkelers and boat riders, the minimalist product is often already part of the basic equipment.

There are four different variants of Restube, which differ in small details and are thus optimally adapted to the field of application. An overview of all products can be found here: Compare Restube

Janni Hönscheid
Surfer, model 2x-mom

“I always take Restube with me to the water – it does not bother me in my activities and just makes sense!”

Summer gift ideas

Here are more summer gifts for the whole family. But do not let yourself be misled! Of course, none of the products is gender or age-specific. The grouping only helps you for orientation!

1. Gift ideas for mom / gift ideas for women

Protection for the skin
With our second gift idea again the topic safety is in the foreground. However, this time the protection for the skin! Sunscreen blocks the dangerous sun rays – the long-wave UV rays, which are especially harmful. The high-quality products, for example from SWOX are waterproof, fast-absorbing and non-greasy. In addition, they pamper the skin with a subtle scent. For really long stays in the water, there is the face sun cream enriched with zinc.

summer 2019 gift ideas for women

Fun, fun, fun
Petanque is the world’s best known and most played boules sport. In some regions also known as Boccia, the Italian name for the game. A simple entry-level set is available inexpensively from Ikea. If you are looking for an exclusive version, you will find it with the Japanese designer Akiko. She has wrapped the balls in an elegant teak box that is beautiful to look at even when not played. Available through Amazon: here.

2. Gift ideas for dad / gift ideas for men

Sun Power
A power bank with an integrated solar cell is the perfect gift idea for your dad and all other energy-hungry people who need full battery for their camera or mobile during their time in nature. Depending on how many devices you want to charge, there is the power bank in different sizes. By the way: a good solar cell also defies a few clouds in the sky and still loads perfectly. This test report gives you an overview of the current offer.

You already know that we here at RESTUBE love innovative inflatable products. Therefore, the Shredrack roof rack for the car, of course, should not be missing in this list. Boats, SUPs, surfboards or even the living room cabinet of your mother-in-law can be easily transported on the car roof. Incidentally, the Shredrack has totally convinced us and now we are offering it in a product bundle with Restube.

3. Gift ideas for grandma and grandpa

Portable dressing room
Changing at the beach or lake can be challenging. The brave ones just go blank, the others try their hand at elaborate towel acrobatics and often get even more attention. It is much easier to get changed with a poncho. Various models and a wide selection of colors are available from all different surf brands, available for example through Blue Tomato.

A living room for outside
Another inflatable gift idea! With the inflatable seats of the Fatboy Lamzac series, you take the living room feeling with you into nature – and that without any air pump. Armchair, sofa and mattress can be easily filled by pivoting the air and close with a roll-up closure. For effortless relaxation with ultimate style.

gift ideas for grandma and presents for grandpa summer 2019

We wish you a great summer and a lot of fun surprising your loved ones with a special summer gift!

Your RESTUBE team

You also have a great idea for a summer present or a comment on the article above?

We look forward to your comment!

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