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Open water swimming in the spotlight – Part 2

News from open water champion Nathalie Pohl and event tips for ambitious swimmers

Open water swimmer Nathalie Pohl:

”When I started competing in open water, I immediately knew: That‘s my sport! The strong feeling of freedom in the water is simply unique. Despite the accompanying boat, you swim alone out there. Security is always just as much a topic as the clear awareness of what you do. Being in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment and the people you trust. All this is so important in open water swimming. Sure: You must know your goals and also your limits, but it‘s this challenge that gives me so much and that I‘m so happy about. I‘ll keep growing.“

In our last blog post we informed you on how to prepare well for open water swimming and presented some crucial safety tips for your adventure. Today we would like to introduce you to Nathalie Pohl – one of the best German open water swimmers. In 2016 the athlete from Marburg swam through the Strait of Gibraltar in a world record time and mastered the English Channel in 11:10:00 hours with a German record. Only recently the 24-year-old achieved another huge success. Nathalie Pohl was the first German swimmer to complete the Tsugaru Street in Japan, getting to achieve the “Ocean’s Seven” another step closer.

Nathalie Pohl swims through Tsugaru Strait in Japan as first female swimmer from Germany

On August 5th Nathalie swam through the “Tsugaru Strait” – a 20 kilometre long strait between the Japanese main island Honshu and the northern island Hokkaido. With an outstanding time of 10:09 hours she crossed the passage known for its countless pitfalls. At 12:30 p.m. (UTC+9) she reached the finish on the coast of the Matsumae peninsula on Hokkaido. This makes Nathalie not only the first woman from Germany, but also the fastest European to complete the demanding open water route between Japan’s largest islands.

Nathalie: It’s simply unbelievable! The distance between Honshu and Hokkaido was the ultimate challenge for me – I had to fight to the last meter. Only later did I realize that I had achieved such a great result! I am simply overwhelmed that the hard training was worth it again.

With the crossing of the Tsugaru Strait Nathalie masters the fourth of seven stages on the way to the “Ocean’s Seven” – the most important long distance open water swimming events in the world.

Once again Nathalie’s success in Japan was not only down to hard training, but also good organisation and reliable equipment. The conditions in the water put the swimmer through a particularly tough test: unpredictable currents between the Pacific and the Japanese Seas, sudden winds and waves quickly make even experienced open water professionals lose focus and control.

Safety is a top priority here, but it must not restrict freedom. Because only the absolute focus on the moment and oneself makes such top performances possible. In addition to the support boat, Restube helps as a personal safety backup for the swimmer. The compact system has no drag on the body and is weightless in the water. A pull on the trigger inflates the yellow Restube buoy in seconds. The buoyancy immediately relaxes the situation and also indicates that help is needed.

Open water swimmer with restube swim buoy

Nathalie: Due to the many unpredictable current changes, it was incredibly difficult for me to maintain my ideal line,” says Nathalie. “Despite the support boat you swim alone out there. Restube helps me to keep my focus while swimming.  The good feeling in the back of my mind to have a robust tool that helps me in case of an emergency gave me a lot of mental support. 

Further information about Nathalie Pohl can be found on her website: www.nathaliepohl.de.

Event tips for ambitious open water swimmers

Are you looking for a very special open water swimming event? Have a look below – we picked three unique events for you.


Markus Fueller founder of Vollmondschwimmen

founder of Full Moon Swimming

Swimming at night is a special experience. At first, it takes a lot of courage to dive into the dark water until the feeling of freedom overcomes you. The idea to share this feeling gave rise to the ”Full Moon Swimming“. Safety is a very important aspect for us. 2019 Restube was used by 350 swimmers.Thanks to the LED equipped Restube buoy, with which every swimmer is equipped and with the deployment of the Prien Water Rescue Service under the direction of DLRG Traunstein, all participants can enjoy their nocturnal swimming strokes through the Lake Chiemsee under the full moon light.“

For more information visit: www.vollmondschwimmen.de


Swimrun open founder in interview with Restube


At the SwimRun, the trails don‘t end on the water. Two teams alternately swim and run the distances, while nature dictates the route and distance. The teams can be male, female or mixed. The original race ÖTILLÖ took place in Stockholm. The annual ”Swim Run” will be held in the archipegalo. The course is 75 km, of which 10 km is swimming and 65 km is running course. Meanwhile there are dozens of small events and seven official ÖTILLÖ competitions throughout Europe.

For more information visit: www.otilloswimrun.com


Ram Bakai professional ice swimmer in interview with Restube

Präsident World Federation Ice Swimming (IISA)

”I believe that within every man and woman there is a hero. Society is saying what we can and can’t do. Go with humility and respect for yourself and others and let it happen to you. unfold. The ice calls… Don‘t be afraid to dare and experience how you‘ll grow!“

Could Ice swimming be your next challenge? Check out: www.internationaliceswimming.com

We wish you a good time in the water!


You are welcome to write your questions and comments on the post in the comments section below. We look forward to an active exchange with you!

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