Pascal Rösler from “Pure Water for Generations”

The former management consultant Pascal Rösler has spent a large part of his life on the water. Today he runs a small marketing agency in Munich. In addition, he dedicates a large part of his working time free of charge to his non-profit association “Pure Water for Generations e.V.”, which is dedicated to the goal of drinking water quality on the Danube in 2042. Starting from February Pascal with its Docu is the soul of the Salzach on film route.

How is it that water is so important to you? And why stand-up paddling?

It’s relatively simple, I’ve only returned to my roots, so to speak. Already as a child I loved to play at the water. When I was at school I often went windsurfing at the lake and I am a fish of the zodiac sign, so I have a very special relationship with the element water. At some point I was looking for a sport that wasn’t so dependent on the wind and so I started SUPing. It immediately felt right and I noticed how I became one with the water.

Pascal Rösler with the SUP on the Salzach river

And then you decided to give up your professional career and only go SUPing?

In 2009, I was inspired by Patagonia founder Ivon Chouinard’s book “Lasst die Mitarbeiter Surfen gehen” (“Let the staff go surfing”), which inspired me to become self-employed and to decide to turn my passion into a profession. At the time I was working in the financial industry, but I was never so happy and I was always wondering why. Whenever I sat in meetings, I had the inner urge to be out windsurfing. This book showed me that I can be an entrepreneur and at the same time in nature. And as a third component, that I can also give something back to nature.

How does it come to your vision that the Danube should have drinking water quality by 2042?

Two years ago, when I paddled 2,467 km from Munich to the Black Sea and was on the water for 6 – 8 hours every day, I wondered all the time, why can’t I drink the water I paddle on? And the wish has matured in me that I want to give something back to nature and especially to the element water. This is how the vision came into being and this is also the big goal of my non-profit association “Pure Water for Generations”. And now Patagonia, Fanatic and Restube support us and everything fits. “All you have to do is pick up the paddle and paddle off and see what happens.

How did you get to use Restube as a backup on your SUP tours?

I came to RESTUBE via Florian Jung, I have been going windsurfing with him for years and we talked about you and he said that I should definitely meet with your founder Christopher regarding independence. That’s what I did and we were on the same wavelength. Since the element water connects both of us, he offered me his support right away. And since then I don’t get on the SUP board without Restube. For me, Restube is always such a feeling of safety when I’m paddling on the water.


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Trailer “The soul of the Salzach” from Pure Water for Generations

Film premiere of the documentary “The Soul of the Salzach” in February

Great ideas start small! In 2017 I paddled 2.467 kilometres from Munich via Isar and Danube on the Stand-up-Paddle-Board to the Black Sea. On this trip on the water I developed the vision to improve the drinking water quality of the Danube. For this vision to become reality, every river that flows into the Danube must return to its ecological equilibrium. One of these rivers is the Salzach, which I paddled in 2018. This is what the film tells us.

What can each of us do to contribute to the cleanliness of the rivers?

Try not to use disposable plastic wherever possible. If you’re out in nature or on the beach, take three things that don’t belong there. So everyone can make sure that our rivers get cleaner.

Well then, our new “RESTUBE recycle bag”, which is made of discarded material, comes at the right time! It can easily be worn on your belt and if you find garbage on the beach or on the SUP, you can collect it and have your hands free.

That’s great, give it back! What I missed all the time was a bag where you can put the garbage in.

RESTUBE recyle bag

Don’t miss! Win one of three RESTUBE recycle bags at the movie premiere from Pascal Rösler “Die Seele der Salzach”. These will also be available from summer 2019 in our shop and on the Pure Water for Generations website. In addition, 10% of every bag sold goes to the club.

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