Connected to the elements

Kitesurfer Anja about her passion and safety while kiting

Kitesurferin surft über blaues Wasser und lächelt

Kitesurfer Anja in her element
Bildquelle: @Kitejoy

Anja works as freelance author, blogger and (kite) journalist all over the world. On her blog Kitejoy she talks about her experiences and experiences around kitesurfing.

The reason why I love Kitesurfing

I love the water, which has always had a tremendous attraction to me. This is how I came to kitesurfing, where I feel closely connected to nature and the elements water and wind. And at the same time I feel free like with no other sport. It’s always exciting when you don’t know what to expect in a session, what the wind or the water will be and which tricks are possible in these conditions? Every single session is unique. What I especially love about kitesurfing is that you are at the mercy of the forces of nature, but connected by your material you use them at the same time and have a lot of fun. And in no other sport I can clear my head like this.

„When kiting I feel closely connected to nature and the elements water and wind and at the same time free like with no other sport.“

I love to learn new tricks and I’m always busy with a new move. It’s fun and motivates me. But sometimes it can also be frustrating, when the conditions are not optimal. It’s always fun to try something new, because especially at the beginning you have great successes and learning progress. And you shouldn’t let anything or anyone put you under pressure. No matter who jumps which tricks how, what is cool at the moment or what others think you absolutely have to do or be able to do. Everyone should find his own way and only do what puts a grin on his face.

 „The best kitesurfer is the one who has the most fun on the water.“

Kitesurferin springt auf dem Wasser mit ihrem Kite

Anja practices her tricks
Bildquelle: @Kitejoy

Safety when kiting

When I started kiting, safety wasn’t that important to me at first. I didn’t have any experience and didn’t know what could happen. Over the years, however, many experiences come together, including some rather frightening ones. This way you start to become more mindful and get more respect for the sport and the forces of nature. Anyone who has had to swim with their kite for a long time in offshore winds or has been surprised on the water by 60 knots thunderstorms will keep these situations in mind and act accordingly in future sessions.

If you act consciously on the water, respect the power of nature and have good equipment you are definitely acting safer. A useful tool for more safety in case of emergencies, besides the quick release at the bar and your leash, is a Restube for the harness.

7 tips for more safety when kiting:

  1. Choose a spot that matches your skills. The standing areas are especially suitable for beginners. Strong currents, deep waters and waves are not only dangerous for beginners without a possible boat rescue.
  2. Check the weather forecast in advance. Also pay attention to weather changes and factors such as cloud & wave formations or dark skies.
  3. Check out new spots before you go on the water for the first time and talk to other kiters on the spot. It’s best to take a kite course or talk to a school that knows the spot. Also inform yourself about potential dangers like tides, currents, corals, rocks or boat traffic.
  4. Take all the time you need to set up your kite cleanly. Check your equipment and the Quick Release for function. Take extra time especially for your lines.
  5. A Restube device on the harness makes absolute sense. Whether as additional buoyancy for you or for others to make you more visible.
  6. Pay attention to others and if necessary help them or get help.
  7. Listen to your feeling. It’s better to stop a session early as a precaution if the wind becomes too gusty and you have to fear to hurt yourself.
Anja von Kitejoy präsentiert ihre Kitesurf Ausrüstung

Anja after a Session in Sardinia
Bildquelle: @Kitejoy

„I listen to my feeling.“

If you go kiting in rough conditions, everything is a safety risk and so it makes definitely sense to carry a safety tool like Restube with you. It is so small and compact that it doesn’t bother you when kiting. And if you get into an emergency situation, you have something to hold on to. Of course you can also use the kite as a buoyancy aid if necessary, but what if you have to let it go, e.g. because it loops uncontrollably? That’s why I can only recommend Safety First to everyone.

Restube sports

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