RESTUBE at the World Conference on Drowning Prevention in Durban, South Africa

On October 7. – 10. 2019 RESTUBE presents itself at the most important educational event of the International Life Saving Federation and exhibits two products for professional water rescue: Restube lifeguard and Restube automatic.

The World Conference on Drowning Prevention (WCDP), a biennial conference, brings together the world’s foremost experts, research, systems and information on drowning prevention, rescue, lifesaving and water safety. The exchange, debate and development are designed to find ways to reduce death and injury in all aquatic environments worldwide.

For the second time RESTUBE will be represented at the WCPD on all four days of the fair. On October 6 a live presentation of various rescue scenarios and rescue technologies will be held in cooperation with SEABOB at the beach in Durban.

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Restube lifeguard and Restube automatic for professional emergency rescue

Restube lifeguard was developed in close cooperation with the SLRG as well as lifeguards of the RLNI and German lifeguards. The very special thing about Restube lifeguard is that it is so small when packed up that you can always carry it with you. Also, in emergency vehicles it hardly takes up space. Only in the case of an emergency the system inflates in a second. Hence you can swim freely through big waves and dive deep without any problems to activate the buoyancy where you need it.

With four different setting options by eyelets an exact size adjustment can be made to the respective casualty. A tug rope connects the buoy with the belt so you can also keep the casualty at a distance without losing him or her. Towing is possible with similar techniques as with a rescue tube. The quick release on the belt also allows the rescuer to quickly disconnect from the buoy when needed.

Restube lifeguard is already being used by rescue organizations worldwide. Recently a successful rescue was reported in India where a 20-year-old was rescued by the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) using Restube lifeguard: Read the story here!

“For me as a lifeguard Restube is just awesome. It’s so small that I can always carry it with me. If I have to rescue a swimmer I can jump straight into the water, have my hands free and enough buoyancy to secure the person.” Clemens Menge, DLRG Konstanz

Restube automatic is a special version that self-inflates within seconds and provides direct buoyancy when exposed to water. It is so compact and light that it can even be carried by a drone. Restube buoys thrown off by drones are being tested around the world by lifeguards together with RESTUBE and are already successfully in daily use at some 80 beaches. In the past year two people were rescued with a drone on the Australian coast. In July of this year a 13-year-old swimmer in Lake Constance was rescued by the DLRG Konstanz with drone and Restube.

“Since our rescue drone has been equipped with Restube automatic the time until a person receives the necessary buoyancy has been greatly reduced. That just makes so much sense because time is the all-important factor in every rescue. ” Harry Moore, Lifeguard

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