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Restube beach

The Restube for the whole family – now available in our online shop!

So far, Restube has been a popular water safety system, especially for athletes such as open water swimmers, triathletes and kite surfers. In addition, more and more lifeguards around the world are using the special “Restube lifeguard”. “Restube automatic” is being used to protect drones or for water rescue with drones, but also by fire fighters and police. Restube beach is a new version: smaller, lighter, cheaper – the perfect safety back-up for leisure activities in and on the water.

Restube is increasingly used by families. The products Restube basic (€ 59.95) and Restube classic (€ 74.95) are particularly popular. With Restube beach (€ 49.95), RESTUBE now offers an alternative product with the same function and in the usual high quality. However, the design has been simplified and the size reduced, which allows a cheaper price.

inflated restube beach with features

For who is Restube Beach suitable?

Restube beach is ideal for families, children and elderly people for leisure activities on and in the water. It is also suitable for stand-up paddlers in swimwear during summer, in case there are no other swimming aid regulations.

How much buoyancy does Restube beach offer?

Restube beach has a buoyancy of 50N, which corresponds to about 5kg. This buoyancy is sufficient to keep an adult person afloat. Previous Restube products have a buoyancy of 75N (7.5 kg). Tests have shown that this buoyancy is – in calm conditions and swimwear – enough for even two people to relax in the water. Restube beach is equipped with a 10.9g CO2 cartridge, the conventional Restube products with a 16g cartridge.

restube beach comparison to restube basic, classic, sports, swim and automatic

What are the differences between Restube beach and Restube basic or Restube classic?

Restube beach comes – like all Restubes – with the proven Restube technology and function. The bag also has a RESTUBE Ready connector so that it can be attached directly to RESTUBE Ready equipment. As with all Restubes, the included belt is already threaded in and the cartridge is screwed in so that you can get started straight away. The Restube beach buoy has a length of 50 cm, while the previous Restube buoys (Restube basic, classic, swim, sports) have a length of 70 cm.

restube beach water airbag product image

Does Restube beach replace other Restube products?

Not at all! The comparison with a bike helmet might help to understand: a commuter on the way to work wears a different bike helmet than the Tour de France athlete and certainly a different one than the downhill rider in steep terrain. The situation is very similar with Restube. Restube sport is ideal for kitesurfing or wave riding. Restube swim is perfect for triathletes. Restube beach is the suitable safety system for the whole family for all leisure activities.

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