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Lena Nikolakis tested the Restube swim

Lena is an avid triathlete and art director at Time2Tri. For the triathlon training platform, she also writes articles on the topic of triathlon. Recently, Lena tested Restube and wrote a review with the safety buoy.

Could Restube convince in the test? What are the advantages? And are there any disadvantages from Lena’s point of view? Below you will learn how Restube performed in the practice test.

Athlete wearing Restube at the beach

My safety fries: Restube in the test

I got the chance to test Restube recently and I would like to share my experience with the innovative product!

September 21, 2019

Summer is slowly coming to an end we have to deal with the indoor swimming season soon. Outdoor pools will close or set up for the winter. Nonetheless, temperatures currently still allow a few hours swimming outdoors. So that you can spend the last beautiful open water units quite carefree, I’ve tested a new tool for you: Restube. Restube is an inflatable safety buoy for swimmers which can be worn directly on the body without disturbing. What experiences I have made with this innovative product I would like to share with you below.

The story of Restube is simple
The philosophy of the company? Making water sports safer! A few years ago a team member of Restube found himself in a delicate situation in the open waters and right after the budding engineer developed the idea for the smallest possible security product: Restube was born.

The pack size & feel
With a size of about 12x6x4cm the product is not only compact, but also does not bother at all when wearing it. Even the plastic closure has no scratchy seams and can be tightened comfortably. While swimming, I carried Restube perpendicular to my back. However, there is also the possibility of placing the product horizontally and wearing it laterally on the hip.

Tester displays how to pack Restube safety buoy

The handling
If you know the function of CO2 cartridges from cycling, you should not have any problems using Restube. To be on the safe side, I assembled the product on land before I went into the water – you never know.

Finally, the handling is very simple, but note two important points:

  1. The CO2 cartridge must be screwed in before use.
  2. Restube must be folded up and packed properly (see imprint on product).
Tester inserts new co2 cartridge into restube system

Tip: The green clip is not mandatory. It has more a control function, because it indicates that the trigger lever was folded before screwing and the Restube was provided with a new cartridge. If, for example, you do not want the clip to fall into the water after being triggered (think of the environment!), The Restube can also be used without it.

Restube tester demonstrates how to apply safety clip

And when it gets serious?
At first, I was a bit sceptical of how quickly Restube would inflate in the water in case of an emergency. It’s very likely you find yourself in a danger / panic situation and it might be difficult to have clear thoughts. 

After a short, strong pull in the water, the product inflated and immediately offered me security. Also, the assumption that Restube could easily be pushed under water has not been confirmed. On the contrary, all attempts to dive with it failed :)

Restube triggered by testing athlete

The positive points outweigh!
The handling was very easy. It is only necessary to pay attention to the correct folding of the product before use. When swimming, the product did not bother me and I always felt safe.

 Attention: The cartridges used for bicycles cannot be used. The reason is that they have no alloy. The alloy protects the cartridge from rusting and prevents the trigger from being damaged.

There is only one tiny negative point I have to mention: I find the homepage of Restube rather cluttered and without knowing which product is the right one, I was a bit lost. However, you can use the product comparison table. You can find it here.

Have fun swimming!

We would like to thank Lena once again for the article and the permission to translate it into English and share it here with you. The original text – in German – can be found here.

If you have questions about Restube or would like to pass on your personal experience, please feel free to comment in the section below. We are looking forward to an active exchange with you!

We wish you a good time in and on the water!

Your RESTUBE team

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