Markus Steinacher from tested Restube for open water swimming

Open water swimming brings enormous freedom, but also carries dangers. Markus is aware of those risks. That’s why he tested Restube swim at the Triathlon Camp in Dubai earlier this year. For more freedom and safety in water.

You can find Markus’ full review on Restube swim regarding its quality, functionality and user-friendliness here (in German only) or read the English version below.

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Restube swim – the safety equipment for active swimmers

Restube swim is specially designed for experienced open water swimmers. It is an inflatable swimming buoy that can be carried very compactly with a waist belt on the body. In the water the little pouch and its weight hardly disturb. A big advantage is that the buoy only needs to be inflated in an emergency. While swimming in open water you don’t need to drag the buoy with you all the time. Should there really be an emergency (like exhaustion, cramps, bad weather, etc …) the buoy can be inflated within seconds with a gas cartridge. If necessary, simply pull the trigger and the 75N buoy will inflate automatically. The buoy remains permanently connected to the body via a rope and is always within reach. Now the swimmer can easily cling to the buoy and save himself from drowning. The mere thought of an emergency back-up tool makes open water swimming considerably more relaxed.

The high-quality materials from Restube swim are made for use in salt and fresh water. Restube Swim can also be reused by inserting a new gas cartridge. However, you are not dependent on the gas cartridge as Restube Swim can also be inflated by mouth and thus used like a conventional swimming buoy. In the test, dragging the inflated buoy (pulling the buoy on the rope behind) did not interfere. The belt can be adjusted to the hips. The picture above shows Restube swim in the pouch when folded. Here you can also see the gas cartridge with the green safety clip, which has to be removed to ensure the automatic inflation. On the far right you can see the black handle, which is pulled to inflate the buoy in seconds using the gas cartridge.

Tester showing Restube swim in its compact bag

ATTENTION: At this point it should be mentioned again that Restube swim is designed for experienced swimmers. Restube swim does not replace a life jacket and in no way automatically protects against drowning. Targeted and conscious intervention is required for use in an emergency. The manufacturer therefore only recommends Restube from the age of 10 years.

Handling and user friendliness of the Restube swim

The use of Restube Swim is simple and Restube can quickly be activated with one hand. However, it is highly recommended that you practice the rescue process several times before using it for the first time in open water. The reason for this is simply that people might react with panic in an emergency situation and may not be able to carry out the handle properly. Therefore, it is really advisable to practise the use of Restube. Without any practise you might be safer with an already inflated buoy.

The first contact with Restube swim

When in touch with a product for the first time, the tester must always assume that the handling of the product is with as little practice as possible. Therefore, the handling test refers to a very rudimentary level, based on the fact that people can handle it in stressful situations.

Right at the start, immediately after unpacking, Markus Steinacher inspected the components of the Restube swim. The first reaction was “Okay, I need to take a closer look at this …”. The detailed instructions for use and safety descriptions (such as carrying gas cartridges on an airplane) were read quickly. The most important steps are also described on the buoyancy body itself.

Tester displays how to fold Restube swim

The gas cartridge is in a protective pocket and is screwed to the light gray valve (see illustration). The green safety clip is located on the valve, which must be removed in order to be able to trigger the gas cartridge. The slightly curved lever with the yellow ball has to be moved by pulling on the white cord so that the gas from the cartridge can be blown into the buoyancy body. The white cord with the black handle is attached to the hip pocket with a white Velcro fastener and is easy to pull off. It takes some time to get used to the system and it should therefore be practiced several times. Unpack and re-pack Restube swim as described on the inside of the bag. When packing, pay attention to a careful stowage of the system, which has to be packed very compactly in the bag. Particular attention must be paid to the correct placement of the valve. It is also advisable to practice active use and rescue procedures with Restube. Therefore, “sacrifice” one or more gas cartridges to save yourself when you practice in the pool or shallow water. Restube replacement cartridges are also available to buy online.

Tester swimming in pool with inflated safety buoy restube swim

Do not be afraid to test Restube in the swimming pool before heading into the open water swimming adventure.

The best way to learn how to use Restube is to use the pool in a playful way and thus gain confidence in using it. To use Restube as a “toy” or without a gas cartridge, simply use the black mouth valve to inflate or release gas / air.

A final conclusion about the practical test of Restube swim

Restube swim is a well thought-out and high-quality product, which, however, carries a certain risk for inexperienced people with regard to handling in emergency situations. Markus Steinacher therefore recommends practicing the inflation process in order to be able to react correctly in an emergency.

We would like to thank Markus once again for the article and the permission to translate it into English and share it here with you. The original text – in German – can be found here.

If you have questions about Restube or would like to pass on your personal experience, please feel free to comment in the section below. We are looking forward to an active exchange with you!

We wish you a good time in and on the water!

Your RESTUBE team

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