Restube swim test for open water swimming displayed with manual on table

Restube tests and reviews

Learn how Restube performs in practice

In this section we would like to introduce you to Restube reviews from various water (sport) activities. Restube tests can help you understand how Restube works and how easy it is to handle. In addition, the reviews should assist you in the selection of your personal Restube product.


Markus Steinacher from tested Restube for open water swimming. Open water swimming brings enormous freedom, but also carries dangers.

Markus is aware of those risks. That’s why he tested Restube swim at the Triathlon Camp in Dubai earlier this year. For more freedom and safety in water.

Lena Nikolakis from TIME2TRI tested Restube

Lena is an avid triathlete and art director at Time2Tri. For the triathlon training platform, she also writes articles on the topic of triathlon. Recently, Lena tested Restube and wrote a review with the safety buoy.

Could Restube convince in the test? What are the advantages? And are there any disadvantages from Lena’s point of view? Find out in Lena’s review.

Inflated safety buoy Restube tested in a swimming pool

We would like to thank all testers once again for the articles and the permission to translate it into English and share it here with you.

If you have questions about Restube or would like to pass on your personal experience, please feel free to comment in the section below. We are looking forward to an active exchange with you!

We wish you a good time in and on the water!

Your RESTUBE team

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