Restube is more than just buoyancy. It is so compact stowed in the pocket that you can wear it all the time in duty. It also won’t bother you when swimming or diving. Easy to reuse.

Restube lifeguard

Lifeguard | for professional use

“As a lifeguard the Restube is great. It´s so small that I have it with me all the time. If I have to rescue a swimmer, I can directly jump into the water, have my hands free and enough buoyancy to secure the bather.”

Clemens Menge Lifeguard

Restube automatic

Drones | Lifeguard | On Board | Sailing

“Since our drone has been equipped with Restube automatic, the time it takes to bring flotation to any person has been dramatically reduced. It makes so much sense, as time is the crucial factor in any rescue.”

Harry MooreLifeguard

For rescue duty.

For rescue duty.

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