25. septembre 2018

« The lido Rheinstrandbad Rappenwört relies on the Restube-buoy »

The wave pool at lido Rheinstrandbad Rappenwört has a great attraction for swimmers of all ages, but the waves are sometimes somewhat underestimated. That is the reason why the lifeguards are on duty every year to ensure the safety of their visitors. The Karlsruhe start-up RESTUBE has developed a small, versatile safety buoy to support lifeguards in their work in dangerous situations. The Rheinstrandbad Rappenwört is one of the largest and most scenic open-air swimming […]
5. septembre 2018

Open Water Champion Nathalie Pohl joins RESTUBE

With a high growth invest Restube brings Nathalie Pohl, daughter of DVAG-CEO Andreas Pohl, as strategic partner with strong connection to water on board.  It’s official: Nathalie Pohl joins Restube with an invest of 25 percent. The young student with love for water grasps the opportunity to lift RESTUBE with capital, know-how, network and personal motivation on the next level. For Nathalie, one of the best open water swimmers of Germany, Restube is a partner […]
23. août 2018

Lifeguard saves father and son in his spare time with Restube

More and more lifeguards have Restube and use it in their spare time. That this makes totally sense shows the latest story. Lifeguard Roland Dongmann from Neuss: “I was on the Stand-Up Paddle with my two boys when I suddenly noticed « screams for help ». I scanned the lake and saw that a small child with only one inflated swimming wing tried to hold on to his father’s neck, which obviously caused panic. The father now […]
7. août 2018

« Many underestimate the dangers of stand-up paddling »

Sonni Hönscheid from Sylt was born with a love of water. Since she can think, she has been standing on the surfboard and exploring the most beautiful surf spots in the world. She is currently training in Hawaii for the World Championship of her professional discipline – stand-up paddling. She explains in an interview how important safety is in her sport and how water sports can become safer.  You are twelve times German surfing champion […]
31. juillet 2018

« With Restube we are building the largest water community in the world »

From university to successful start-up: Christopher Fuhrhop has developed a system that makes time on the water more fun and safer. In the interview he explains how he came up with the idea why Restube is much more to him than just a safety product and what everyone can do to ensure that we all have an even better time on the water. How did you come up with the idea of Restube? When kitesurfing […]
29. juin 2018

blackforestwave – An association for the love of surfing & the homeland

If the way to the sea is too far – then it is time to bring the waves back home. This is the self-explanatory goal of blackforestwave, an association whose love of water sports and the Black Forest is already expressed in its name. As a non-profit association, blackforestwave has been passionately committed to promoting water sports in rivers and lakes in the Pforzheim and Karlsruhe area since January 2017. The foundation stone for the […]