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RESTUBE is actively working for more children feeling safe in water
26. October 2017
Two youths saved from drowning with a drone, drones equipped with Restube in use from 2018
26. January 2018
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Ocean Positive & RESTUBE cooperate for more freedom & water safety

Bruckner Chase from New Jersey, USA is a lifesaver and water enthusiast. His Motto: “What we do IN the ocean makes us athletes. What we do FOR the oceans and FOR our communities makes us waterman and waterwomen.”

We like the spirit and found some synergies where we can help him bring more freedom and water safety to even more people with Restube.

Bringing  spinal-chord injured people on the water

We are cooperating to work with spinal-chord injured people. Bruckner has an awesome initiative about bringing these people on the water to paddle. Bruckner founds out that there are positive effects of prone paddling for people with a spinal cord injury.   He wants to “create opportunities for everyone in our communities to share the oceans and sports we love.” Restube is helping the paddler to keep themselves safe and provide the trainers a strong safety tool.

What he started in New Jersey is already spreading to Australia. Bruckner was invited to speak at the Australia New Zealand Spinal Cord Injury Conference in Currumbin, Queensland and presented his concept. “The talk and practical sessions in the hospital, pool and beach were well received and I am now coordinating some ongoing programs in Australia and New Zealand.” Says Bruckner after the event.

One major outcome is the Blue Journey Unified Team paddling program that is modeled after the already existing OC Swim Club Unified Team on Jersey Shore USA. Check out the video of the beach session on the Gold Coast, Australia: https://vimeo.com/channels/1312514/244262722

Remote Rescue Stations with Restube

The other project Restube will be involved is about Remote Rescue Stations. The cooperation is about sharing the inflatable technology and educational knowledge of Restube to develop a remote rescue station. “My vision is to install the units in the remote villages of American Samoa with applications in similar areas around the world.” Says Bruckner.

Bruckner Chase and Christopher at the WCDP 2017

Bruckner Chase and Christopher at the WCDP 2017

We are excited pushing these projects further to help everyone have a better time around water!
Water connects all of us.

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