26. January 2018

Two youths saved from drowning with a drone, drones equipped with Restube in use from 2018

Again and again swimmers get into dangerous situations. The German Red Cross in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is starting to use drones equipped with Restube buoys. Again and again swimmers get into dangerous situations. The German Red Cross in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is starting to use drones equipped with Restube buoys. Last week a surflife saving drone saved 2 youths from drowning. The swimmers aged 15 and 17 got into trouble on the New South Wales coast near Lennox Head. […]
20. December 2017
Blue Journey Australia

Ocean Positive & RESTUBE cooperate for more freedom & water safety

Bruckner Chase from New Jersey, USA is a lifesaver and water enthusiast. His Motto: “What we do IN the ocean makes us athletes. What we do FOR the oceans and FOR our communities makes us waterman and waterwomen.” We like the spirit and found some synergies where we can help him bring more freedom and water safety to even more people with Restube. Bringing  spinal-chord injured people on the water We are cooperating to work with […]
26. October 2017
water safety for children

RESTUBE is actively working for more children feeling safe in water

Although the sun has given it all again last week, we must say goodbye to this year’s summer. Winter time is about to make plans and recover because the next heat wave is coming for sure. In 2017, German tourists have not only visited the coasts and beaches of this world, but also the local swimming pools and lakes have been crowded. Thanks to high temperatures and many hours of sunshine, we could enjoy the […]
6. September 2017
lifeguard Clemens Menge from DLRG Konstanz

The German Life Saving Association division Constance saved a life with “Restube Lifeguard”

At the end of August, we received another great story. Thanks to the Restube Lifeguard, a woman could be saved from drowning in the Lake of Constance Fortunately, the lifeguards of the German Life Saving Association Constance arrived on time. Under time pressure, the officer in charge and chairman Clemens Menge, carried out the rescue by himself. The woman was already far away from the shore and got into a current, which she could impossibly […]
14. August 2017
Stand-Up-Paddler rescues swimmer in Israel

12-year old Stand up Paddler rescues swimmer with his Restube

In November, the swim of an 18-year old almost ended fatal. Thanks to the excellent reaction of a SUP surfer the young man could be saved from drowning. The only 12-year old stand up paddleboarder Gev Avigdori was practicing near Ashdod, Israel when he suddenly saw the young man struggling in some strong currents. Gev says about this moment: “The man was showing stress and began to drown. I paddled quickly towards him, triggered my […]
13. July 2017
Picture credit: Wilfried Feder

2.500 kilometers on a stand-up paddle board with Restube for a good cause

Pascal Rösler is facing an even greater challenge – from Munich to the Black Sea – RESTUBE is supporter of the project More than 500 kilometers and 12 days on a stand-up paddle board are not enough: Pascal Rösler (44) will paddle from Munich to the Danube estuary this year. 2017 he made 126.500 strokes on his way to Vienna – now there might be around 700.000. “Next to many donations I got a lot […]