31. July 2018

“With Restube we are building the largest water community in the world”

From university to successful start-up: Christopher Fuhrhop has developed a system that makes time on the water more fun and safer. In the interview he explains how he came up with the idea why Restube is much more to him than just a safety product and what everyone can do to ensure that we all have an even better time on the water. How did you come up with the idea of Restube? When kitesurfing […]
29. June 2018
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blackforestwave – An association for the love of surfing & the homeland

If the way to the sea is too far – then it is time to bring the waves back home. This is the self-explanatory goal of blackforestwave, an association whose love of water sports and the Black Forest is already expressed in its name. As a non-profit association, blackforestwave has been passionately committed to promoting water sports in rivers and lakes in the Pforzheim and Karlsruhe area since January 2017. The foundation stone for the […]
21. June 2018

WE ARE READY – Kick-off at OutDoor Show

From swimming shorts to sailing pants, life jacket or wetsuit. The right equipment is important to water sportsmen for their beloved time around the water. More and more manufacturers invest in innovation to improve the experience of their customers. The newly developed connection that enables customers to mount Restube directly to clothing or other equipment parts, creates new opportunities of water safety. The first products with RESTUBE READY connection of the brands Fashy and Aquafeel, […]
14. June 2018

Official start of the rescue drones at the Baltic Sea in Germany

Swimming season has started! On this occasion the safety of the bathers is of highest priority for the local rescue authorities. For the first time drones equipped with Restube-buoys will be used at the coast of the Baltic Sea in Germany to give help to swimmers in distress. Water Rescue in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania started officially into the swimming season 2018. As first coastal area the region is using drones with Restube, which highly increases the safety […]
7. June 2018

Let’s clean our oceans!

It is in our DNA, we love watersports. That is why we feel very connected with the ocean, our biggest training ground. But the ocean is far more than that: our whole world and its ecosystems depend on its good condition. Today it is World Oceans Day, but we are sad to see that the situation keeps getting worse and that most actions taken are mostly symbolic. Every year around 8 million tons of waste […]
12. April 2018
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Fly High with Cynthia Brown

We love water and we love to be around people who are passionate about water sport. They inspire us to go out there and do what we love. One of them is US Kiteboarder Cynthia ‘Cynbad’ Brown.   She was pretty excited to test Restube so we started to cooperate and follow her activities. Not only is she having so much fun in every discipline of kiteboarding, she is also super good at it! About […]