15. October 2016
DLRG Horneburg / Altes Land - Robert Rink (Copyright Microdrones)

From everyday life of a lifeguard: Robert Rink

The project of the German Lifeguard Association (short DLRG) chapter Horneburg/Altes Land (close to Hamburg), Microdrones and RESTUBE gained great popularity since first test reports were published in July and August. Together we’re testing two drones developed by Microdrones, that are able to drop two Restubes which are inflating automatically due to a newly developped special trigger. People who are in distress can grab onto the Restubes and float until they are reached by a […]
13. August 2016

Drone and RESTUBE: DLRG tested new ways rescuing people

Maybe you’ve already seen it in TV (e.g. at the German TV station NDR) or spotted the article on sUAS News about the project with the German Lifeguard Association (Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft, short DLRG): together with Microdrones and RESTUBE the DLRG chapter from Horneburg / Altes Land demonstrated promising new water rescue tactic with their new rescue euqipment on the river Elbe. DLRG Horneburg will use a drone in future Everything started with a drone donated […]