Restube is more than just buoyancy. The buoy is so compact stowed in the pocket that you can wear it all the time in duty. In addition, it won’t bother you when swimming or diving. Easy to reuse.

Restube lifeguard

Water Rescue | Firefighting | First Responders

“As a lifeguard Restube is great. The inflatable is so small that I can wear it all the time. If I have to rescue a swimmer, I can directly jump into the water, have my hands free and enough buoancy to secure the bather.”

Restube automatic

First Responders | Water Rescue | Firefighting | Police | Drone

„Fear and panic play a major role when a person is in the water and needs to be rescued. With Restube automatic we have got the possibility to calm the situation within a very short time and give the drowning victim a piece of mind.“

Restube extreme

For self-protection

First Responders | Water Rescue | Police | Firefighting

Professionals use Restube sports for self-protection in addition to their rescue equipment to provide buoyancy in case of an emergency. It simply inflates by pulling the trigger.

For rescue duty.

For rescue duty.